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If you are a new patient we ask that you call (02) 62381417 to make an appointment.  

To reduce your risk of attending the practice, all on-line appointments can only be booked as a Telehealth phone call.  During this call your GP will discuss with you how we can best help you.  A standard fee of $81 may be charged at this time. You will receive the medicare rebate which is currently $38.20.  Your out of pocket expense will be $42.80. Please discuss this with your GP at the time of the call.  


Some simple requests will be able to be completed during this call, for example answering questions about COVID-19, renewing ongoing referrals and prescriptions or writing medical certificates. For your convenience the practice will then fax the relevant document so that you do not need to attend the practice. We are happy to email medical certificates and referrals to you with your permission.  

Some patients will require more time and a longer follow-up phone consultation. Your GP will offer you another appointment. 
After speaking to you, your GP may ask you to attend for an appointment. An example of this is when an examination is required. Usual charges will apply. To reduce your time at the practice you can check-in from your car after you download the HotDoc app. We will phone you when we are ready to see you.
There are some exceptions where an appointment will be made to attend the practice without a phone call, these include skin checks, immunisations and cervical screening that cannot be delayed until later in the year. 


Please call us to make an appointment if you have a referral to see one of our Specialist Doctors

Can I book online if I am a new patient?

At this time we ask that all new patients call (02)62381417 to make an appointment.  All new patients need an initial 30 minute consultation.  We are a private billing General Practice and this consultation may cost $148.00.  You will get a Medicare rebate of $73.95 which means you will have an out of pocked expense of $74.05.  Please discuss with your doctor if there are any concerns about this.  

We also have a few doctors that do not take any new patients as they are full. Dr Marjorie Cross elects to take only existing patient bookings.

This practice never prescribes drugs of addiction to new patients.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel your appointment but we ask that you please allow 4 hours if possible for this appointment to be allocated to someone else.


We treat sick children as a priority so we generally keep urgent on-the-day appointments available for these circumstances.


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For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 000
If you have an emergency and would like to speak to a Doctor after hours please phone 0412004109

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