Fees & Billings

We are a private billing medical centre.  Our fees are based on the AMA rates and determined by complexity and time.  


We bulk bill veteran affairs gold card holders for routine consultations and all childhood immunisations on the government schedule. 

We DO NOT offer universal bulk billing.  

When a doctor elects to bulk bill your consultation, the practice receives your patient rebate from Medicare.  In July 2019 the Medicare rebate increased by 1.6%.  

For a standard consultation of between 5 and 20 minutes, the patient rebate is $38.20.  If the consultation is bulk billed the Practice gets the $38.20 and the doctor gets a percentage of between 55-75%.  So when you have one of your quality consultations from our doctors, they may be earning as little as $20 for their time and expertise. This is not sustainable in the long term. 

 We are increasing our fees to bring them in line with the AMA rates. 

The cost of a standard consultation will increase by $1 to $81.  

We still want to extend our care and practice to all people who might be struggling financially.  We also want to have more and more folk consider our practice as their "Medical Home".  

Administration of Childhood and Adult immunisations on the Public Health Immunisation Schedule continue to be free

People with chronic and complex conditions will continue to have their GP management Plans and reviews bulk billed

People with mental health conditions will continue to have their GP mental health Plans bulk billed.  

Patients who are eligible for DVA remain unchanged. 

Our nurses fees remain unchanged.

Doctors retain the discretion to bulk bill where necessary and we encourage patients and doctors to discuss this issue together.  

Costs for procedures such as women’s health items or removal of skins lesions WILL NOT as a general rule be ‘bulk billed’.  This is to help cover the cost of consumables such as: 

  • Dressing pack and solution;

  • Equipment used;

  • Local anaesthetic;

  • Suture material;

  • Dressing materials (take home dressings/ointments)

  • Cleaning and sterilizing; and

  • Wound review if required.

It will also help cover the cost of the nurse.  


The fee list for individual procedures will be discussed with patients by their doctors.

Please speak with your doctor if you have concerns

Current Fees @ 1 July 2019
                                                                FEES         REBATE      YOUR EXPENSE
Brief consultation  < 5min                          $40             $17.50                $22.50
Standard consultation  5-20min                $81             $38.20                $42.80
Initial or long consultation 20-40min        $148           $73.93                $74.05
Extended consultation   >40min                $225           $108.85              $116.15
Saturday consultations incur an extra $5 charge
Health Care Card
Current Fees @ 1 July 2019

 Please inform reception when making an appointment if you require a longer consultation.

All consumables, dressings, plasters and medication supplied from this Practice will incur a fee.  The nurse will advise on the fee.

Your Medicare Rebate can be paid directly into your Bank Account.  Please ask the receptionist for details.

We request payment at the time of the consultation.

Please have your card available at each visit.


Please note that the administration of childhood immunisations on the public health immunisation schedule will NOT incur an additional charge.


Please feel free to make inquiries regarding fee structure to our reception or nursing staff.




                                                     Fee            Rebate        Your expense

Short consultation....................  $22.00        $17.50                $4.50

Standard consultation.............  $63.00        $38.20                $24.80

Initial or long consultation...    $105.00      $73.95                $31.05

Extended consultation.........    $145.00      $108.85              $36.15


Saturday consultations incur an extra $5 charge

Appointments made after 6pm also incur a $5 surcharge


Note: Seniors Health Care Card is NOT included in HCC and you will be required to pay the standard fee.  Please discuss with your doctor if you have any concerns




Mastercard, Visa, Cash, Cheque and Bank Transfer.  If paying by Direct Debit bank details are:           Dr M Cross

                                                                                                                                                                           BSB:    032724

                                                                                                                                                                           A/C:     291030


Reference:  Please ensure you add the invoice number or your name to the payment so we can identify you.  Please email practice.manager@bungendoremedicalcentre.com.au if you have paid by Direct Debit so that your account can be receipted.  

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